The security breach in the USPS data systems that compromised personal information about postal employees, including all active and some retired workers, is a very troubling matter.

Unfortunately, cybercrime is real and effective. But we are outraged that this happened. We do not know at this point whether management did everything in their power protecting our privacy, but they bear the ultimate responsibility.

While the Postal Service now admits it has been aware of the security problems for months, they kept you and your union leadership in the dark.

I received a phone call various District officers on Monday, November 10, 2014 about the incident, but it was just a “courtesy call,” not a discussion with the APWU about how to deal with the problem and its negative consequences to the workforce. Later on that day, CAL- APWU leadership received the same material you received, just minutes prior to the beginning of Stand-Up talks around the country.

The APWU is fully committed to defending the privacy rights of all our members. Our APWU leadership at the national level have already filed charges with the National Labor Relations Board protesting the Postal Service’s failure to bargain over the impact of the security breach. We are demanding information from the USPS about the extent of the breach – both known and suspected – and what postal management knew, when they knew it, and what they did, or failed to do to protect employee information.

Our National APWU leaders have assured that I will be kept in the loop as new information comes forth and I will post any news here on our website.  We will work in concert with our sister postal unions.

AMP Excessing Cancellations Not Real

California Area Local was informed of AMP Excessing cancellations on October 30, 2014.  I want to warn everyone that issuance of so called AMP Cancellations by the Pacific and Western Areas are not really cancellations of management’s plans to consolidate Plants.

Regional Coordinator Omar Gonzalez expressly warned not to confuse the words used by management “cancelled” “delayed” as meaning anything than District management has not been able to realign their operations quick enough before the January Area Move Date. They are in the process of doing so now!

“Short of a Congressional mandate to delay the January 5th Service Standard changes the impacts will likely go forward April or July 2015. Employees would have received “Excessing Notices” around November 13th. This reprieve is not permanent!” warned Omar Gonzalez. “Despite reports of the OIG that the AMP studies are flawed and the Postal Regulatory Commission and even the Government Accountability Office that service will be degraded our management is hell bent on going forward with their plans,” said the concerned Regional Coordinator. Meanwhile there is no information on National HQs Step 4 appeals.





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