California Area Local (CAL) represents nearly 2800 employees belonging to Clerk, Maintenance and Motor Vehicle divisions throughout 4 districts, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Santa Clarita and San Diego. 

   For over 30 years, the California Area Local has fought for dignity and respect on the job for the workers we represent, as well as for decent pay and benefits and safe working conditions and we supports the struggle for social and economic justice for all working families.

   Our union is a democratic organization comprised of dues-paying members who belong to 3 plants and over 80 associate offices, branches and a retiree chapter. CAL officers are directly elected by union members.

   This union’s mission is far greater than the vital work of negotiating contracts and enforcing them through grievances. We are using our collective strength to win some real workers’ power in the workplace – a true voice at work, an end to favoritism, a living wage and much more. We seek through our unity and decisive action to gain a better life for our families. 

   The APWU National Constitution says it very simply: “We believe all members of labor have the right to economic, political and social justice.” 





California Area Local 4635

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